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District Education Council

The District Education Council (DEC) ensures that the district operates effectively and efficiently and reflects community desires and needs.

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Established under the Education Act, the District Education Council (DEC) is comprised of up to 15 councilors. Thirteen of the councillors are elected for four-year terms. The remaining two councillors – representing First Nations communities and district students, respectively – are appointed by the Minister. The members work together to develop objectives and policies aimed at addressing the particular priorities and needs of the district. They set and monitor governance policies that are then carried out by the district superintendent.  Members are not involved in day-to-day decision-making and do not deal with issues regarding individual students.

Meetings, agendas, and minutes

Current school year

Previous school years

Meeting dates, agendas, and minutes from previous years are available online in the DEC meeting archives.

What does the DEC do?


The DEC focuses on education issues at the district level. They develop policies that detail district goals and expectations. Once the goals and expectations are set, they monitor the results. In addition, the DEC has authority over: 

  • Hiring, directing, and establishing limits for the Superintendent (their sole employee)
  • Budgeting and expending funds 
  • Initiating school establishment and closures 
  • Flexibility with respect to local curriculum 
  • Developing district education plans 
  • Entering into agreements 
  • Reviewing and approving the district performance report prepared by the Superintendent 
  • Reviewing the school improvement plan and school performance report for each school in the district 
  • Maintaining communication links between the DEC and the Parent School Support Committee (PSSC) 
  • Reviewing and overseeing the expenditure of trust funds 
  • Identifying priorities respecting capital construction projects 


The DEC handbook provides a broad understanding of Education Governance in New Brunswick.

DEC Members


DEC members are elected to serve the interests of the children and youth in their community. They work with their DEC colleagues, the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, the District office and community partners to ensure that all students in their district have equal opportunities to reach their full potential. Members are elected or appointed from the community to serve four-year terms of office. For more information on members, visit the District Education Council NB website. 

DEC members are not involved in day-to-day decision-making and do not deal with issues regarding individual students.

Current DEC members

Tanya Adams
Sub-district 1: Edmunston, Grand Falls, Plaster Rock, and Perth Andover
Mark Thompson
Sub-district 2: Bath, Bristol, Florencewille and Centreville
Candice Browse
Sub-district 3: Hartland and Woodstock
Tanya Cloutier
Sub-district 4: Canterbury, Nackawic, and Keswick Valley
Serena Bradford
Sub-district 5: Harvey and McAdam
Paul MacIntosh
Sub-district 6: Fredericton South: CSES, FHS, GCES, KCS, PSES
Amgad Salem
Sub-district 7: Fredericton South: BCMS, GHES, GSMS, LSES, MSES, NMES
Janet Dean
Sub-district 8: Fredericton North: KRS, MAS, NMES, NMS, PSES, RRES
Michael Mazerolle
Sub-district 9: Fredericton North: BPES, DMS, GNMES, LHHS
Chris Harquail
Sub-district 10: Stanley, Boisetown, Doaktown, Nashwaak Valley
Jim Mills
Sub-district 11: Chipman, Minto, Cambridge-Narrows
Wallace Carr, Vice-Chairperson
Sub-district 12: Burton, Gagetown, Geary, Lincoln, Sunbury West
Thomas Geburt, Chairperson
Sub-district 13: Oromocto Town Schools
David Perley
First Nations Councilor, First Nation Communities: Madawaska, Tobique, Woodstock, Kingsclear, St. Mary's, Oromocto
Hayden Sparkes
Student Respresentative

What is the role of the Superintendent? 

The Superintendent is employed by the District Education Council to manage the day-to-day decisions and administration of the school district. The Superintendent is the only employee of the DEC and is accountable to the DEC for the performance of the district. Every year, the DEC completes a formal performance review of the Superintendent.  

Current Superintendent

David McTimoney is the current Superintendent of ASD-W. 

Superintendent Office of the Superintendent
Office of the Superintendent