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District Education Council

The District Education Council (DEC) ensures that the district operates effectively and efficiently, reflecting community needs and desires.

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District Education Councils (DECs) were first established in 2001 to provide local governance and community input into the education system. DECs use a policy governance model and, as such, set and monitor the policies on objectives to be carried out by the district staff and local schools. Each DEC must work within the policies and standards of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (EECD). DECs develop objectives and policies to address the priorities and needs of their district.

In the Anglophone West School District (ASD-W), there are 13 elected Councillors (one for each Sub-district) as established under the Education Act, who serve for a four-year term. Additionally, the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development will appoint a First Nations Councillor, who will also serve for a four-year term, and a Student Councillor, who will serve for a one-year term.

Meeting Dates (2023-2024 School Year)

ThursdaySeptember 28, 20236:30 p.m.PublicStanley Consolidated School
28 Bridge Street
Stanley, New Brunswick
E6B 1B2
ThursdayOctober 19, 20236:30 p.m.PublicBliss Carman Middle School
615 Kimble Drive
Fredericton, New Brunswick
E3B 0N4
ThursdayNovember 16, 20236:30 p.m.PublicMinto Memorial High School
126 Park Street
Minto, New Brunswick
E4B 3K9
ThursdayDecember 14, 20236:30 p.m.PublicSouthern Victoria High School
13 School Street
Perth-Andover, New Brunswick
E7H 4T4
SaturdayJanuary 13, 20249:00 a.m. – NoonPolicy 409 Meeting #1 – Initial Briefing on Oromocto/Burton-area Elementary/Middle SchoolsOromocto High School
25 Mackenzie Avenue
Oromocto, New Brunswick
E2V 1K4
ThursdayJanuary 25, 20246:30 p.m.PublicGibson-Neill Memorial School
67 Wyngate Drive
Fredericton, New Brunswick
E3A 6G1
ThursdayFebruary 22, 20246:30 p.m.PublicCarleton North High School
30 School Street
Florenceville-Bristol, New Brunswick
E7L 2G2
SaturdayMarch 16, 20249:00 a.m. – NoonPolicy 409 Meeting #2 – Oromocto/Burton-area Elementary SchoolsHubbard Elementary School
95 Drummond Drive
Oromocto, New Brunswick
E2V 2A6
SaturdayMarch 16, 20241:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.Policy 409 Meeting #2 – Oromocto/Burton-area Elementary SchoolsSummerhill Street Elementary School
20 Summerhill Street
Oromocto, New Brunswick
E2V 1V1
SaturdayMarch 23, 20249:00 a.m. – NoonPolicy 409 Meeting #2 – Oromocto-area Middle SchoolsRidgeview Middle School
102 Waasis Road
Oromocto, New Brunswick
E2V 1G6
WednesdayMarch 27, 20246:30 p.m.PublicCanterbury High School
80 Main Street
Oromocto, New Brunswick
E6H 1L3
ThursdayApril 25, 20246:30 p.m.PublicTownsview School
122 Lewis P. Fisher Lane
Woodstock, New Brunswick
E7M 0G6

May 9, 20246:30 p.m.Special Public Meeting – Policy 409 Meeting #3 – Oromocto / Burton area Elementary and Middle SchoolsOromocto High School
25 Mackenzie Avenue
Oromocto, New Brunswick
E2V 1K4
ThursdayMay 23, 20246:30 p.m.PublicMcAdam High School
29 Lake Road
McAdam, New Brunswick
E6J 1N7
ThursdayJune 27, 20246:30 p.m.PublicGeary Elementary Community School
16 Lauvina Bye Road
Geary, New Brunswick
E2V 3Y1

Meeting Documents

Current school year

September 2023

October 2023

November 2023

December 2023

January 2024

February 2024

March 2024

April 2024

May 2024

June 2024

Previous school years

Meeting dates, agendas, and minutes from previous years are available online in the DEC meeting archives.

Responsibilities of the District Education Council 

  • Hire, direct and establish limits for the Superintendent (their sole employee);
  • Establish governance policy;
  • Assist in the development and subsequent monitoring of the District Plan (3-year plan);
  • Set district policy within the framework of provincial policy;
  • Review district performance reports and make them public;
  • Review School Improvement Plans and school performance reports for each school in the district;
  • Ensure the Superintendent follows provincial policies and procedures;
  • Have management, care and control of school property;
  • Monitor budget and expended funds (district expenditure plan);
  • Facilitate community use of schools;
  • Initiate school establishment and closures;
  • Maintain linkages with Parent School Support Committees and the community;
  • Monitor trust fund expenditures;
  • Review the Superintendent’s performance on an annual basis;
  • Identify capital construction project and capital improvement project priorities.

The District Education Council does not:

  • • Establish the school calendar or curriculum
  • • Set provincial education standards
  • • Develop provincial budgets
  • • Intervene in daily operations of the school district, for which the responsibility is mandated to the Superintendent

Parents/Guardians Communication Process

Please follow the procedures below, in order, if you have questions about your child’s school:

  • Contact the person or school where there is a question e.g. Classroom Teacher
  • Contact the person’s immediate supervisor e.g. School Principal
  • Contact the District Office e.g. Director of Schools
  • Contact the Superintendent
  • Contact the Sub-district District Education Councillor
  • Contact the Chairperson of the District Education Council

Council Membership and Assigned School Monitoring

Tanya Adams
Sub-district 1: Andover Elementary School, Donald Fraser Memorial School, John Caldwell School, Perth-Andover Middle School, St. Mary’s Academy, Southern Victoria High School, Tobique Valley High School
Sub-district 2: Bath Community School, Bristol Elementary School, Carleton North High School, Centreville Community School, Florenceville Elementary School, Florenceville Middle School
Candice Browse
Sub-district 3: Hartland Community School, Meduxnekeag Consolidated School, Townsview School, Woodstock High School
Tanya Cloutier
Sub-district 4: Canterbury High School, Keswick Valley Memorial School, Nackawic Elementary School, Nackawic Middle School, Nackawic Senior High School
Serena Bradford
Sub-district 5: Harvey Elementary School, Harvey High School, McAdam Elementary School, McAdam High School
Ruth Eden
Sub-district 6: Connaught Street School, Fredericton High School, Garden Creek School, Hanwell Park Academy, Kingsclear Community School, Priestman Street Elementary School
Sub-district 7: Bliss Carmen Middle School, Forest Hill Elementary School, George Street Middle School, Liverpool Street Elementary School, Montgomery Street Elementary School, New Maryland Elementary School
Janet Dean
Sub-district 8: Keswick Ridge School, Nashwaaksis Memorial Elementary School, Nashwaaksis Middle School, Park Street Elementary School, Royal Road Elementary School
Michael Mazerolle
Sub-district 9: Barkers Point Elementary School, Devon Middle School, Gibson-Neill Elementary School, Leo Hayes High School
Chris Harquail
Sub-district 10: Central NB Academy, Doaktown Elementary School, Stanley Consolidated School, Upper Miramichi Elementary School, Nashwaak Valley School
Jim Mills
Sub-district 11: Cambridge-Narrows Community School, Chipman Elementary School, Chipman Forest Avenue School, Minto Elementary Middle School, Minto Memorial High School
Wallace Carr, Vice-Chairperson
Sub-district 12 & Vice-Chair of DEC: Burton Elementary School, Gagetown School, Geary Elementary Community School, Lincoln Elementary Community School, Sunbury West School
Thomas Geburt, Chairperson
Sub-district 13 & Chairperson of DEC: Assiniboine Avenue Elementary, Hubbard Elementary School, Gesner Street Elementary School, Summerhill Street Elementary School, Ridgeview Middle School, Harold Peterson Middle School, Oromocto High School
David Perley
First Nations Councilor, Wolastoqey Communities: Matawaskiyak, Neqotkuk, Wotstak, Pilick, Sitansisk, Welamukotuk
Mya McAllister
Student Councillor

Public Participation at DEC Meetings

Procedures for public participation at DEC meetings are established to encourage public participation in an open and respectful manner. 

  • The Chairperson will allocate 15 minutes at the end of the meeting for questions/comments by members of the public present.
  • Members of the public with questions are asked to raise their hands so that the chairperson may acknowledge them.
  • The chairperson will maintain a speaker’s list, based upon the sign-in register, for the purposes of accurately recording meeting participation and for follow-up communication.
  • Questions will be directed to the chairperson and answered through the chairperson.
  • The chairperson has the option of increasing the allotment of time if he/she deems it necessary.
  • There shall be no question of a confidential nature concerning specific students or schools, school personnel, or district personnel.
  • If a group or member of the public wishes the DEC to discuss a matter or make a presentation, the member should write a letter to the chairperson explaining the topic. This letter must be received at least two weeks prior to the regular DEC meeting.
  • The chairperson will determine the appropriateness of the request. If the request to present is accepted, the applicant will be informed of the time and place for the presentation.
  • A legible copy of the presentation must be provided to the chairperson at least 10 days before the presentation date, so that councillors may review it.
  • Any technology requirements for the presentation must also be disclosed at the time of submission.
  • There are to be no more than two spokespersons per presentation, and the time allocation for the presentation—including questions—will be limited to 15 minutes.

No decision or recommendation from the Council should be expected on the day of the presentation. The Council will release its decision at a subsequent public meeting or by written correspondence to the presenters.

Role of the Superintendent 

The Superintendent is employed by the DEC to manage the day-to-day decisions and administration of the school district. The Superintendent is the only employee of the DEC and is accountable to the DEC for the performance of the district. Every year, the DEC completes a formal performance review of the Superintendent.