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Understanding Report Cards

Kindergarten to grade 8 students, bring home report cards in November, April and June.

What are report cards for?

As a parent/guardian, you are an important partner in your child’s education, and through your involvement, you positively affect your child’s success in school.

The purpose of a report card is to:

  • Reflect and support the changes in classroom assessment practices.
  • Provide information that details how your child is performing and progressing.
  • Offer a communication tool that provides much more information than just a traditional letter grade or mark.

All schools in New Brunswick, including ASD-W schools, are using the same report card format developed by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. Parents/guardians will be able to follow their child’s progress regardless of which school they attend.

When do I see my child’s report card?

Report cards are brought home by kindergarten to grade 8 students in November, April and June.


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