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Resources for Job Seekers

Thank you for your interest in working for ASD-W. Please be advised we are in the process of changing our current human resources and payroll system and, as such, our casual job postings will be closed until mid-to-late May.

If you have an application in progress, our HR team will be in touch via email as you will be required to resubmit your application on the new system once postings reopen.

 If you have additional questions, please contact HR/Payroll Support at 1-844-453-2092 or

Apply to work in ASD-W


  • Visit our online job board Apply to Education to create an account.
  • Apply for your desired position, via Apply to Education, using the ‘Search Job Postings’ link.
  • Upload the mandatory documentation:

The documentation listed below is mandatory for all casual and permanent positions at ASD-W. Complete and submit these documents through Apply to Education as part of your employment application.

Mandatory Documentation

To attain a Criminal and Vulnerable Record Check (CRC/VRC) letter, contact the ASD-W Education Centre closest to you (Oromocto (506) 357-4113, Fredericton (506) 444-5725, Woodstock (506) 325-4546). You can arrange to pick-up the letter, or have it mailed to you if you live outside the Education Centre locations.

The CRC/VRC letter will outline the process and the RCMP or City Police locations where a background check can be completed. Once the background check has been verified by your local police detachment, please complete the remaining instructions and upload the verified document to the Criminal and Vulnerable Background Check folder.

Step 1: Successfully complete the Policy 701 questionnaire.

Step 2: Upload proof of successful completion to “Additional Documents” folder under “Supporting Documents”.

Review, complete, and sign Policy 311 (Email Use For Staff). When finished, upload to “Additional Documents” folder under “Supporting Documents”.

Review the New Employee Orientation. Then complete and sign the questionnaire. When finished, upload to “Additional Documents” folder under “Supporting Documents”.

Review the policy on professional conduct, then complete and sign the Acknowledgement Form (Appendix A). When finished, upload to “Additional Documents” folder under “Supporting Documents”.

Why work in ASD-W?

Employment Opportunities

External Job Postings

Current employees of ASD-W who are looking for internal job postings should go to the Current Employees page.

Casual Positions

We accept applications for our casual and supply teaching lists on a regular basis. Casual and supply teaching is for on-call, as-required opportunities. Those on the list are also able to apply for positions posted in accordance with the respective collective agreement.

For more information on casual opportunities, view the positions below.

Permanent Positions

Due to the large number of casuals employed within ASD-W, permanent positions are often filled internally as per the respective collective agreement.

Teacher Certification

For those who have completed their teacher education in New Brunswick, or those who are certified in another province or internationally, please visit the province’s Become a teacher in New Brunswick page for a guide on how to start teaching with us.


Contact Us

If you have any questions about joining ASD-W or our hiring process, please email our Human Resources staff.