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Mission, Vision, and Values

Our daily work as educators, administrators and support staff is guided by a shared mission, vision, and set of core values.

Our Mission

Excited. Involved. Prepared. To see smiles on the faces of students who are opening up to a world of learning and to know that we have the privilege of being part of their learning journey. To ensure that students are well-educated and ready to move on with confidence to the next phase in their journey, whatever it may be.

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure that all individuals engaged within our system are empowered to assist in building resilient, confident and contributing members of our communities.

Core Values

Our core values serve as a guiding force in times of difficulty and times of celebration. They are the cornerstones of our district.

Pursuit of Excellence

Act consistently with our values. Commit to continuous learning and teaching. Identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to ensure improvement. Welcome performance feedback.

Trust, Openness and Transparency

Act in a manner that is honest, trustworthy and with integrity. Act in a professional and respectful manner. Communicate challenges, difficulties and expectations openly and constructively.

Collaborative Relationships

Invest in people. Promote teaming. Support group decision-making and problem-solving. Welcome and encourage participation.

Support and Recognition

Express concern for others. Recognize progress. Celebrate achievements. Build and leverage strengths.

Shared Leadership

Structure an environment of shared decision-making. Focus on building capacity. Share responsibility. Address difficult situations.


Commit to the vision. Collaborate to move forward. Focus on solutions. Support a culture of creativity.