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Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

To nurture learning in a healthy, safe, inclusive environment so students thrive and become confident, contributing community members.

Our Vision

Each student is a successful learner who makes positive contributions to our world.

Our Values


We believe in continually improving learning opportunities and environments that nurture every student’s strengths, identities, and needs so they can acquire skills to succeed academically and in life.

  • We will offer a wide range of programming that reflects students’ voices, choices, abilities, identities, and experiences.
  • We will provide accommodating classroom environments so that each student has an opportunity to succeed.
  • We will integrate equity, diversity, and inclusion into teaching and learning practices.
  • We will share First Nations history, culture, and language.
  • We will provide ongoing training and professional learning for staff.


We believe in engaging in professional, responsible, and sustainable operational structures and practices that fulfill our shared commitments and build a trusting school community.

  • We will engage in fair, ethical operational practices that reflect district and provincial policies and keep safety at the forefront.
  • We will serve in a student-focused manner, with kindness and empathy.
  • We will maintain a public presence, through social media and in the community, that demonstrates civility and instills confidence in our education system.
  • We will foster positive relationships with students’ families, including effective communication practices.


We believe in cultivating a positive learning and workplace culture that puts social, emotional, and physical well-being and safety at the forefront.

  • We will promote practices to enhance physical health, mental well-being, and safety in the digital world.
  • We will provide physical safety and protection for students and staff in school and district buildings through continuous education and practice of emergency response measures.


We believe in providing equitable, friendly environments that welcome diversity and provide inclusive and empowering opportunities for all.

  • We will review policies, procedures, and practices to ensure that they promote equity, inclusion, and human rights.
  • We will strengthen relationships and build partnerships among students, staff, families, and communities that support student needs.


We believe in modelling and providing opportunities for leadership and citizenship that enable students to become contributing members of society.

  • We will teach global citizenship and understanding of the wider world and a person’s place in it.
  • We will collaborate and build partnerships with local communities and organizations.
  • We will provide tools to help students make confident decisions about their future.

Why is this important?

Our Mission, Vision, and Value Statements:

  • Ensure the district’s aspirations are defined, agreed upon, and documented.
  • Provide a shared purpose and common goals – a checklist for school leaders and educators against which decisions, initiatives, and future actions are measured.
  • Help us reflect on our core educational values, improvement plans, operational objectives, public purpose, and hoped-for results for students.
  • Unite our school community and create long-term connections and trust.