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Wolastoqey language programs

About the Programs

The Wolastoqey Latuwewakon programs are intended to give students opportunities to develop communication skills in Wolastoqey Latuwewakon while gathering an appreciation of Wolastoqey culture.


The programs are not designed to make students fluent speakers or fully bilingual. Instead, they aim to provide students with a fundamental command of Wolastoqey that can be expanded through further study or contact with Wolastoqey speakers.


The revitalization, preservation, and maintenance of the Wolastoqey Latuwewakon language are necessary conditions for the survival of the Wolastoqiyik, a people whose language has seen a decline in usage since the 1950s. In order to preserve Wolastoqey Latuwewak culture, the department of EECD established its Wolastoqey Latuwewakon programs in New Brunswick schools.

Middle School Program

Wolastoqey Latuwewakon instruction for First Nations middle school students is provided through enhanced First Nations education programs, also known as “Enhancement”. Only schools that offer Enhancement also provide a Wolastoqey Latuwewakon program.

Note: only First Nations students are eligible for the Middle School program.

How to Enrol

First Nations middle school students may be enrolled in the Wolastoqey Latuwewakon program if they are attending a school that supports Enhancement. To see if your child’s school supports Enhancement, visit the First Nations Enhancement page. If your child’s school does not support Enhancement, you can request to transfer your child to another school where enhancement is offered.

Contact your school’s principal to begin the enrolment process. To find your child’s school, visit the school directory.

Once enrolled in the Wolastoqey Latuwewakon program, you may choose to exempt your child from French language instruction. To do so, complete the FSL Request for Exemption form and submit it to your child’s school.

High School Programs

Two Wolastoqey Latuwewakon programs are available to high school students: Introductory Wolastoqey Latuwewakon 110 and Intermediate Wolastoqey Latuwewakon 110. Both courses are available to all students. For more information on the programs, see the program documents listed below.

Note: both First Nation and non-First Nation students can enrol in the High School programs.

Program Documents
  • Introductory Wolastoqey
    Last updated: November 30, 2021
  • Intermediate Wolastoqey
    Last updated: November 30, 2021

How to Register

High School students can register for the Wolastoqey Latuwewakon courses through their regular course selection process. Contact the guidance counselor at your school for help or more information.

Help and Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The value of learning Wolastoqey includes:

  • Increasing an awareness of and sensitivity to cultural and linguistic diversity in New Brunswick.
  • Enhancing the role of the language in the home and community, especially for Wolastoqi learners, but also for non-First Nation learners who have connections to Wolastoqiyik.

For more information on the value of learning Wolastoqey, please review the program documents.


If you have questions about or need help with the content on this page, please contact your school’s principal or guidance counsellor.

If the issue remains unresolved, contact the staff member listed below:

Director First Nations Culture & Programs
Fredericton Education Centre