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Changing Schools


Students are assigned to a school according to the location of their primary residence or as determined by the Director of Schools. In some instances, a student may be permitted to attend a school outside of their zone. To change schools, a request must first be made using the request for intra-district school placement. All requests follow the procedures outlined in Policy 319.  

Intra-district placement

Review process

The Director of Schools will review all intra-district school placement requests in consultation with the school Principal. Consideration of the requested placement may be approved for part of the school year or the full school year if: 

  • There is space in the school for which attendance is sought.
  • The move does not seriously affect the class that the child would typically attend (perceived impact shall be discussed by the Director of Schools and Principal)
  • The parents/guardians provide their own transportation for their child.
  • The move is consistent with other policies.
  • The move serves a justifiably defined need or purpose.

Request process

To request an intra-district school placement for your child, complete the intra-district school placement request form. Return the completed form to the education centre of your child’s current school. 

Notice: Permission is given on a yearly basis. Parents must re-apply each year to renew their child’s placement through another intra-district school placement request.