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Healthy Learners in Schools

Health and education are interdependent. Healthy children have an increased ability to learn and develop the values, attitudes and skills necessary to be competent, effective and resilient adults.

Program Overview

The Healthy Learners in School Program aims to improve student health and educational success by working in partnership with the school district, staff, parents, students, and community partners to support school health.

The program uses a Comprehensive School Health Framework which aims to:

  • Provide healthy, supportive, and safe learning environments.
  • Acquire knowledge, skills and experiences that build competencies in taking action to improve health and wellness.
  • Build partnerships and access services to advance school health and wellness.
  • Develop and support practices and policies that promote health and wellness.

The program is not intended to provide individual level services/care, but rather uses an integrated approach to health promotion that gives students numerous opportunities to observe, learn and experience positive health attitudes and behaviours. These attitudes and behaviours, in turn, have a greater impact on student health, learning, and lifelong healthy habits.

For more information, check out Comprehensive School Health in a Nutshell (Video courtesy Healthy Schools BC).

The Four Pillars

healthy school community has a positive impact on the health of children and families. Learning environments that promote and support student and child well-being focus on their cognitive, emotional, social and physical development.