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Vaccination is the best way to keep you safe from serious and potentially deadly diseases. When a lot of people get vaccinated, it can help protect a community from the spread of infectious disease.

2023-24 Immunization Schedule for ASD-W

Throughout the 2023-24 school year, Public Health is holding school immunization clinics to protect against vaccine-preventable diseases for eligible grade 7 and 9 students.

DateLocationDate LocationDate Location
September 28, 2023McAdam High SchoolNovember 2, 2023Sunbury West SchoolApril 11, 2024Florenceville Middle School
September 29, 2023Canterbury High SchoolNovember 6, 2023George Street Middle SchoolApril 17, 2024Nackawic Middle School
October 4, 2023Tobique Valley High SchoolNovember 6, 2023Southern Victoria High SchoolApril 18, 2024Stanley Consolidated School
October 5, 2023Florenceville Middle SchoolNovember 9, 2023Keswick Ridge SchoolApril 19, 2024Harvey High School
October 6, 2023Hartland Community SchoolNovember 9, 2023Keswick Valley Memorial SchoolApril 19, 2024Nashwaaksis Middle School
October 6, 2023Bliss Carman Middle SchoolNovember 10, 2023Central New Brunswick AcademyApril 22, 2024Cambridge-Narrows Community School
October 11, 2023Nackawic Middle SchoolNovember 17, 2023Harold Peterson Middle SchoolApril 22, 2024Gagetown School
October 16, 2023Harvey High SchoolNovember 20, 2023Oromocto High SchoolApril 22, 2024Centreville Community School
October 16, 2023Nashwaaksis Middle SchoolNovember 27, 2023Minto Elementary-Middle SchoolApril 24, 2024Bath Community School
October 18, 2023Bath Community SchoolNovember 27, 2023Minto Memorial High SchoolApril 26, 2024Ridgeview Middle School
October 19, 2023Stanley Consolidated SchoolNovember 27, 2023Carleton North High SchoolApril 29, 2024Townsview School
October 20, 2023Ridgeview Middle SchoolNovember 30, 2023Chipman Forest Avenue SchoolMay 2, 2024Sunbury West School
October 20, 2023Centreville Community SchoolNovember 30, 2023Woodstock High SchoolMay 3, 2024Perth-Andover Middle School
October 23, 2023Cambridge-Narrows Community SchoolDecember 4, 2023Fredericton High SchoolMay 6, 2024Devon Middle School
October 23, 2023Gagetown SchoolDecember 8, 2023Leo Hayes High SchoolMay 6, 2024Meduxnekeag Consolidated School
October 23, 2023Townsview SchoolMarch 28, 2024McAdam High SchoolMay 9, 2024Keswick Ridge School
October 27, 2023Meduxnekeag Consolidated SchoolApril 5, 2024Bliss Carman Middle SchoolMay 9, 2024Keswick Valley Memorial School
October 27, 2023Hanwell Park AcademyApril 5, 2024Canterbury High SchoolMay 10, 2024Hanwell Park Academy
October 30, 2023Devon Middle SchoolApril 5, 2024Tobique Valley High SchoolMay 24, 2024Harold Peterson Middle School
October 30, 2023Perth-Andover Middle SchoolApril 8, 2024Hartland Community SchoolMay 30, 2024Minto Elementary-Middle School
May 30, 2024Chipman Forest Avenue School
May 31, 2024Central New Brunswick Academy
June 3, 2024George Street Middle School