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Newcomer Support Centre

The Newcomer Support Centre welcomes and helps transition newcomers and international families to school in our district.


The Newcomer Support Centre works with families in order to:

  • Ensure that students have the necessary legal status in Canada to attend a publicly funded school in New Brunswick.  
  • Schedule language assessments to support decisions around educational programming.  
  • Learn about a student’s prior schooling history in order to determine if additional supports are required.

Who we serve

The Newcomer Support Centre serves newcomer families and international students.

Who is a newcomer?

Children who meet the criteria below are considered newcomers.

Newcomer student criteria
  • The child is born outside of Canada but living in Canada with parents who are permanent residents or Canadian citizens.
  • or:
  • The child is born in Canada, but the language spoken at home is not English or French.
  • or:
  • The child is a Canadian citizen returning to New Brunswick from another country.
  • or:
  • The child is living with a parent who is working or studying in Canada on permits.

Who is an international student?

Children who meet the criteria below are considered international students.

International student criteria
  • The child is living in Canada and attending school without the parent being in the country.
  • or:
  • The child is living in Canada, has a valid study permit from IRCC, and is living with a parent who is holding a visitor permit.

Services and Programs

The Newcomer Support Centre assists newcomer families and international students with school registration and study applications.

Kindergarten to Grade 12 Registration

If you are a newcomer family, the Newcomer Support Centre can help you register your child for kindergarten to grade 12. To begin the registration process, contact the centre.

Atlantic Education International

The Atlantic Education International program is for international students in grades 6 to 12 studying in Canada without their parents. Students live with host families and enjoy a rich New Brunswick experience.

ASD-W International Student Program

The ASD-W International Student Program is for international families who are living in Canada on a visitor’s permit. International students in kindergarten to grade 12 may study at a school within our district for a five-month, ten-month or multi-year program.

Contact information

The Newcomer Support Centre can be contacted by email or phone:

Help and Frequently Asked Questions

See our list of frequently asked questions for more information about the Newcomer Support Centre.