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Energy Management Commitment

ASD-W shifted to incorporating energy management as part of our daily operations, and with the help of school custodians, staff and students, we have been able to uphold our commitment to efficiency.


Benchmarking energy consumption, setting improvement objectives, monitoring and optimizing operations, implementing energy-efficient upgrades, and making smart choices like turning lights and electronics off when not in use have made our district a shining example of how energy management works.

Because of this, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) selected Bliss Carman Middle School to receive the prestigious 2022 ENERGY STAR® Canada Award for being the highest ENERGY STAR Certified K-12 school in Canada in 2021.

Our Policy

In ASD-W, we have an energy management policy that supports a culture of conservation and efficiency. Why? Because we recognize that what we do today has a lasting effect on the future of our students. Learn more.

Our successes

Did you know that energy consumption is monitored in all ASD-W schools? In one year, we reduced consumption by 11% district-wide! Learn more.

Our commitment to reducing GHG emissions

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are harmful to our planet. Our facilities team at ASD-W works hard to reduce energy waste daily. Learn more.

Helpful tips to make a difference

ASD-W is committed to reducing our environmental impact, but we need to work together to make lasting improvements. You can make a big difference by adding small energy management practices to your day-to-day life. Learn more.