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About the position

The NB Education Act outlines the Duties of Teachers 27(1)

The duties of a teacher employed in a school include:

  • (a) implementing the prescribed curriculum,
  • (b) identifying and implementing learning and evaluation strategies that foster a positive learning environment aimed at helping each pupil achieve prescribed learning outcomes,
    • (b.1) implementing the positive learning and working environment plan,
  • (c) maintaining a deportment consistent with their position of trust and influence over young people,
  • (d) exemplifying and encouraging in each pupil the values of truth, justice, compassion and respect for all persons,
  • (e) attending to the health and well-being of each pupil,
    • (e.1) reporting concerns and feedback to the superintendent concerned or the Minister in a respectful, constructive, informed and fact-based manner,
  • (f) maintaining their professional competence, and
  • (g) assisting in the development and implementation of the school improvement plan and cooperating in the preparation of the school performance report.

27(2) A teacher employed in a school is accountable to the superintendent of the school district through the principal of the school for the performance of the teacher’s duties and the overall educational progress of the pupils under the teacher’s instruction.

How to Apply

You can apply for this position online via Apply to Education.