The first in-person STEAM Expo in four years proved to be one of our mightiest! Forty-three Grade K-12 students across from the district came to Hanwell Park Academy on Saturday, March 18, to showcase their passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (aka “STEAM”) with expertly developed projects. All participants deserve huge congratulations for their time, effort, energy, and dedication.

ASD-W will be represented at the North-West Regional Science Fair, held at the University of New Brunswick on April 13, by 19 students, highlighting 17 different projects. We wish them all the best! (See table below)

In addition to presenting their projects, our K-12 students had an opportunity to participate in a variety of hands-on learning activities hosted by our community partner exhibitors. Students explored real-world scientific, technological, engineering, artistic, and mathematical applications with organizations such as Brilliant Labs, Science East, and the New Brunswick branch of the Royal Canadian Astronomical Society. The Quartermain Earth Science Centre allowed students to explore the world of rocks and minerals. At the same time, The Gaia Project, Agriculture in the Classroom, the Conservation Council of New Brunswick, and Ducks Unlimited showed how STEAM principles and innovations exist in the natural world around us.

Students had the opportunity to display their problem-solving, critical-thinking and innovation skills in our Mystery Challenge, which this year asked them to build a Marble Roller Coaster.

This event would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our students, their parents and guardians, teachers, administrators, countless volunteers, and community partners. The organizing committee for the STEAM Expo would like to say thanks to all for being part of an amazing showcase of critical thinking, creativity, innovation, and exploration.

Project TitleStudentSchoolGrade
Piqueneige ProArielle Gallant Bliss Carman Middle School6
Couleur En ChromatograhieMason MarkeyBliss Carman Middle School6
Sac à Dos Zamboni James MiernickiBliss Carman Middle School6
Le temp du sechage des court de tennisJude Stewart Bliss Carman Middle School6
Quel ingredient va gardent l’oeuf rebondissantNuha RahmanBliss Carman Middle School6
Les tomatesCharlotte Lange, Kaylie DavidsonBliss Carman Middle School6
Is phone radiation harmful?Purab Mahadevaswamy Bliss Carmen Middle School7
Looks Like Traditional Medicine Might Need to Herb-Alize : Will Traditional Medicine Supply for Traditional Medicine in the Future?Devangana SharmaBliss Carman Middle School 8
Will gummy bears grow bigger in different liquids?Ava PalmerFlorenceville Middle School 8
How To Erase Highlighter Sondos Al SaiidFlorenceville Middle School8
How does pH affect tooth decay?Edan McCorrmackFlorenceville Middle School 8
Does the size of the parachute affect if it fails or not?Asa FosterFlorenceville Middle School8
Growth Spurt: the Effect of Targeted-Wavelength Light on Plant Growth Raktika GalwaFredericton High School 9
A Fully-Looped Autonomous Solar GeneratorOnkit SahaFredericton High School9
You are what you eat, a New Brunswick food literacy study Iris Chen and Vera Chen Fredericton High School 10
Are there microplastics in household dust?Alex ArmitageFredericton High School 10
How Playing an Instrument Benefits Youth Mental HealthSarah LagardeCarleton North High School11
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